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Own Your Authentic I Am!

This month’s Messages from the Herd meditation invites you to own your authentic I Am! Mary Miller Jordan, Sara Willerson and their special horse herds guide you through a spring meditation to uncover your own authentic I Am through mirrored reflections. Spring is a time of growth, renewal, and expansion for us all. Within this nature based realm of authentic renewal, we all have gifts that are ready to be seen and grow. Join us for a powerful meditation to reconnect with the gifts of who we each are and ways to allow those gifts to grow and shine!

About Messages From The Herd
Join Mary Miller Jordan, Sara Willerson and each of their special equine herds as they gather together in a whole new grazing territory to offer you a horse powered meditation practice, designed to help you blaze a trail of connection with your highest self.

Inspired by the teaching and guidance of horses throughout their own lives, Mary and Sara both know first hand the gifts that horses have to share. Please join us as we allow the Messages from the Herd to help guide each of us to hear the horse that is within our own hearts and follow that lead to newfound attunement with our own inner wisdom and sacred gifts.

Each month, Mary and Sara invite you into the pasture to hear their Messages from the Herd. Tune in the first Monday of each month at 12pm ET for a powerful guided meditation trail. Messages from the Herd is partnership with horse-inspired wisdom to embrace the heart of who we are!

Mary Miller-Jordan (MMJ) lives at Be Life Farm where her family creates handmade Be Life Goat Milk Soaps for both 2 and 4 leggeds. MMJ is partnered with a herd of Mustangs that she considers her 4 legged family and mentors. Together they created I AM HERD, a non-profit with the mission to help others ‘hear their own heart’. MMJ and her Mustangs won the title of America’s Favorite Trail Horse as well as Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Reserve Champion. One of her Mustangs was immortalized as a Breyer Model Horse and she has published two children’s books featuring the Mustang. MMJ’s wild horse gentling techniques have been featured on National Geographic (Wild). MMJ is currently working on a documentary film titled ‘The Soul of a Wild Horse’ – this will feature the soul to soul connection between wild horses and humans. Learn more at www.BeLifeFarm.com and www.IAMHERD.org

Sara B. Willerson, LCSW is a private practice therapist in North Texas. After completing an Equine Experiential Learning apprenticeship program with Eponaquest in 2003, she set out to create Horses, Heart & Soul, ™ LLC, an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy practice for children, teens and adults. Now located at WolfTree Ranch in Pilot Point, TX, Sara and a very special herd of horses offer conscious healing through The Way of the Horse. Sara sees horses as natural healers who help us reconnect to our entire being – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
For more information visit Sara and the Horses, Heart & Soul Herd at www.horsesheartandsoul.com

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