Jackson Madnick

Greener Grass – Jackson Madnick

Greener Grass with Jackson Madnick

On this episode of Nature Inspired – Live from the NYC Green Festival, Christine chats with sustainability expert Jackson Madnick about the North American Lawn.

Find out why grass requires so much time, energy and money and the truth behind the common ‘Kentucky Blue Grass.’ Also learn a sure-fire way to dramatically reduce the amount of time, money and water spent on keeping a lawn healthy.

Jackson Madnick is the founder of Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed.

Jackson Madnick’s story

My mother, Pearl, sparked my life-long commitment to protect our Planet Earth. Among all of Earth’s natural beauties, water has always enchanted me the most. Betsy and I live with our daughter, Pearl, on a beautiful pond. Looking out our living room window, I witnessed the environmental damage up close. As I investigated the problem on our little pond, it became clear that lawns (and lawn care) were a primary culprit. The deeper I dug, the more compelling case for change became. So, I set out on an eight year journey to save our pond and in the process found a solution to save our waters and save you money, too!

We Americans love our lawns but we are addicted to high maintenance lawn care. Protecting our waters depends critically on changing how we care for our lawns. With input from independent grass seed scientists, I tested thousands of seed mixes to create a truly low maintenance, patent-pending solution. Once established, Pearl’s Premium rarely, or never, needs watering; grows very slowly and thrives without chemicals. The secret: roots that grow very deep, tapping into naturally-occurring moisture and nutrients to produce a healthy, barefoot soft lawn.

Pearl’s Premium

  • Saves hundreds of dollars in lawn watering, fertilizer and mowing each season
  • Never / seldom needs watering once established (drought tolerant grass seed)*
  • Grass grows so slowly, only needs cutting once a month
  • Thrives without chemicals and pesticides
  • Eliminates hours of lawn mowing and lawn maintenance each month
  • Cuts your carbon footprint
  • Stands up to heat (sunny mix); grows in deep shade (shady mix)
  • Creates a lush beautiful organic lawn
  • Eco friendly lawn stays green all year long
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