Foraging for Food: Eating hostas

5 April 2016 Magazine

Foraging For Food: Eating Hostas

Foraging is the art of finding your food in the plants that grow naturally in nature. It’s important to be able to identify plants accurately as some edible plants can have deadly look-a-likes. I came across the blog post by Scottish Forest Garden that discusses foraging Hosta. I did not know that Hosta were edible. Apparently you can eat both the greens and the flowers. Hosta are one of my favorite plants, especially on our very shade-filled property. They are one of the few things we can get to grow.

I really enjoyed reading this post. I hope that you do to.

~ Christine


ForagingOne of my favourite seasonal treats from the forest garden is the hostas. No, no spelling mistake: hostas are really edible. In fact, they are a near perfect forest garden crop. Woodland is the nat…

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