Sow And Dipity

A Look Back at 2015 on Sow and Dipity

Join me as we reflect back on 2015 and take a look at what we can learn and how we ...
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Help Their Garden Grow: Gifts for the Gardener

If you have a green thumb on your gift giving list this year, here are some fabulous ideas that will ...
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Mistletoe and Kissing Balls

Giving and receiving hugs and smooches during the holiday season is fun and easy to do when you have one ...
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DIY Herbal Gifts

Making your own gifts for giving is fun and easy to do. Not only are the ingredients all natural, they ...
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Winter Bloomers for Your Holiday Flower Arrangements on Sow and Dipity

There are plenty of winter bloomers you can enjoy indoors. Today we will discuss how to care for Poinsettia's, force ...
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