Soaring: Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service July 3 2016


Today’s Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service is our monthly Animal Blessings Service and our reflection today is on SOARING!
9AM ET@ Nature’s Channel.fm

Please join us for this beautiful service and reflection on what we can learn from our feathered friends. Remember to call your animal friends into our Circle of Life Celebration to honor, celebrate and remember.

Today’s reflection looks at the beauty of birds in flight and has us observer our own experience of learning and growing. Is flying instinctual to birds, or do we just see the product of trial and error, learning and growing and what does this mean for each of us? Join us as we reflect on what we can learn from our feathered friends.

You will find today’s reflection (written version) posted at The Church of Nature.

Animal Blessings Service

The Animal Blessings Service occurs every first Sunday of the month. Our reflection draws on lessons, guidance and insight drawn from the animals in our lives and around the world and our Circle of Life Celebration focuses on celebrating, honoring and remembering the animals in our lives.

The Church of Nature

The Church of Nature honors the Self through the reflection of Nature.  We honor the individual and encourage a deeper conscious connection through the reflection of nature and all that it offers. It is time for humanity to reawaken. Nature is Spirit and we are Nature. When we reflect on Nature and connect with it more deeply, we align with our own Spirit and when we do, life flows.

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