Light of Being

Light of Being – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service

Today’s Reflection is on Light of Being. If you are feeling angry, frustrated, fearful, uncertain; The Church of Nature hopes to help you remember who you are and how to combat the energies that are so prevalent in the world right now.

Join us for Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service for some much need Spiritual support. We focus on the self, what we can learn from Nature and be reminded of who we are in our purest form.

You can also read Rev. Christine’s reflection from today at The Church of Nature.


The Church of Nature

The Church of Nature honors the Self through the reflection of Nature.  We honor the individual and encourage a deeper conscious connection through the reflection of nature and all that it offers. It is time for humanity to reawaken. Nature is Spirit and we are Nature. When we reflect on Nature and connect with it more deeply, we align with our own Spirit and when we do, life flows.

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