Expansion – Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service Jul 10, 2016


Today on Nature’s Sanctuary Sunday Service we look to Nature to help remind us of and support us in attuning to the energy of expansion. Fear, uncertainty, anger and hatred make us contract and allow the dark to prevail. During today’s service we focus on the many beautiful examples of expansion in Nature and *attune* ourselves with them.

We can only focus on our own energy and on holding it at its highest. Nature can support us in doing that.

Join The Church of Nature for this powerful reflection and start your week off in a beautiful way.

You can read the entire reflection here at The Church of Nature.

The Church of Nature

The Church of Nature honors the Self through the reflection of Nature.  We honor the individual and encourage a deeper conscious connection through the reflection of nature and all that it offers. It is time for humanity to reawaken. Nature is Spirit and we are Nature. When we reflect on Nature and connect with it more deeply, we align with our own Spirit and when we do, life flows.

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