Animals Know

Animals Know – Monthly Animal Blessings Service

Animals Know – The Church of Nature’s Animal Blessings Service

Animals have retained their connection to their inner rhythm and flow and because of that, animals know. What can we learn from our animal friend as we celebrate this month’s Animal Blessings service?

The first Sunday of each month we focus our attention on the animals of the world and look to them for our reflection. Animals, like the rest of nature, live as Spirit and in connecting more deeply with their ways, their messages, we can deepen our own spiritual alignment.

You can find the full written reflection at The Church of Nature website.

Join us today and every Sunday for this beautiful way to start your week.


The Church of Nature

The Church of Nature honors the individual and encourages a deeper conscious connection through the reflection of nature and all that it offers. It is time for humanity to reawaken. Nature is Spirit and we are Nature. When we reflect on Nature and connect with it more deeply, we align with our own Spirit and when we do, life flows.

The Church of Nature offers many public programs like Songs of the Plants and Trees,  The Nature Reals, a film series of Nature related documentaries and community projects like the SeedBall project, The Constellation Project, and the Labyrinth Project.  All projects are designed to connect people more deeply to their own sense of self while at the same time, expanding their awareness of their own impact on and place in the world.

Each first Sunday of the month we celebrate Animals with our Animal Blessing Service. It’s a time and space to honor, celebrate and remember not only the animals in our lives but the animals on the planet and to consciously reflect on both what we can learn from animals and how we interact with the.

Visit www.thechurchofnature.org to support our mission and to find out more.

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